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Planning, Growing, and Flourishing a business is just like gardening, without the right tools your business will take longer to thrive. Don't waste time using the wrong tools to grow your business.

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*Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, I only recommend what I use and love.

I have read all of these books recommended below. I have listed them in the order of newer business to experienced business. ​

Business Boutique is an excellent book for those just starting out in business or veterans. Christy, gives you an enthusiastic push to follow your dreams and live in your strengths. Her fun and spunky personality make this book an easy read. I found this book equal parts informative and inspiring! 

It is apparent Dale Partridge knows how to launch a business and even more motivate you to launch your dream business. The layout of this book is broken into short manageable chunks with approximate reading times and checklists  to re-cap the information in the chapter. These features made this book easy to read and fun! Plus the information is truly awesome. 

Ever wonder where all these internet gurus learn how to launch their products and services, well look no further. Jeff Walker's book takes you through the exact steps you need to apply in order to compete a successful launch. By far this is one of my all time favorite books. 

Expert Secrets is thought provoking and innovative. Russell Brunson inspires you to create a mass movement to help people for the better. Expert secrets is not just for experts. It's for people like you and I ! Russell shows you that anyone can be an expert.

Ever wonder how to make money online? Dotcom secrets breaks it down for you. Russell helps you understand the importance of email funnels, selling through webinars and much more. Want to up your online conversions? This is the book for you!

Ask is all about the concept of asking your audience and customers a series of questions that will ultimately provide you with endless data. Stop searching for what your customers want, and "ASK" they'll tell you exactly what they need!