Picture this… higher revenue streams flowing effortlessly, students achieving unprecedented success, and testimonials pouring in like confetti. With my expert review and ingenious feedback, you’ll unlock the secret recipe for course perfection!

Unleash the Untapped Potential of Your Course for Unprecedented Student Success and Skyrocket Your Revenue

Are you tired of seeing your course underperform? Do you dream of helping more students achieve outstanding results while boosting your bottom line? Look no further! The Premium Program™ Audit is here to revolutionize your course and supercharge your success.

Brace yourself for a remarkable transformation that will leave both your students and your bank account smiling from ear to ear.

Time to Elevate Your Course…

the Premium program™ PRoCESS



In-Depth Analysis

Get ready to witness the magic unfold as I put on my detective hat and wield my magnifying glass. With the precision of a mastermind, I’ll dissect, analyze, and explore every aspect of your course to ensure your course aligns with the transformation desired by your students.


Actionable Feedback

Picture this, a detailed map outlining specific recommendations to take your course from great to absolutely mind-boggling. I’m talking about game-changing suggestions that will skyrocket your course from good to premium which will allow you to charge premium prices!


Student-Centric Approach

Let’s flip the script and put ourselves in the shoes of your students! Imagine me, swooping in to assess your course from their oh-so-important perspective. I’ll be a master detective, uncovering the secrets to their engagement, comprehension, and overall satisfaction.


Testimonial Boosts

Brace yourself for a magical journey into the land of satisfied students and soaring enrollments. With my expert feedback, we’ll unlock the power of capturing their satisfaction and turning your course into a testimonial magnet that attracts new students like bees to honey!

Let’s Be honest you launched your course And it was gOOD Enough


Right Now Your Course has…

But What You Really Want is …

🆘 Limited Revenue Potential: Your course is currently underperforming in terms of revenue, leaving significant untapped potential for generating higher income streams.

💰 Revenue Surge: Experience a significant boost in revenue as the audit’s insights and recommendations unlock untapped monetization strategies, pricing optimization, and targeted marketing approaches that maximize your course’s earning potential. 

🚫 Incomplete Student Success: Students are not consistently achieving the desired levels of success, indicating opportunities for improvement in course content, delivery, or engagement.

🏆 Student Success Amplified: Witness a remarkable transformation in student outcomes as the audit enhances your course’s content, engagement techniques, and personalized learning paths. Students will achieve higher levels of success, surpassing their goals and becoming shining examples of your course’s effectiveness.

💔 Sparse Testimonials: The lack of compelling testimonials hinders your course’s ability to attract new students and establish a strong reputation, limiting its reach and impact in the market.

🎺 Testimonial Frenzy: Generate a tidal wave of glowing testimonials as the Premium Program™ Audit empowers you to create a captivating and impactful learning experience. Students’ remarkable results and satisfaction will become a powerful marketing asset, attracting a flood of new students and solidifying your course’s reputation as a game-changer.

The Premium Program™ Audit Will…

Ignite Unstoppable Student Success.

At the heart of every successful course lies the potential to transform lives and propel students toward their dreams.
Our Premium Program™ Audit is meticulously designed to identify the precise tweaks and enhancements that will empower your students to achieve extraordinary results. From expertly crafted content to engaging learning methodologies, I’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to unlock the full potential of your course.


👉She helped me take my already-amazing program… and make it absolutely extraordinary.

👉She helped me streamline things in places where it might be confusing.
👉She helped me set up a user experience where the current version might have actually taken away from the experience.
👉She helped me fill in the gaps that I didn’t even know were there.

She has a gift for seeing what you might be missing as a course creator, and absolutely leveling up in every sense of the concept. Not only that, but she was so kind and patient and insightful.

I would absolutely recommend working with her, I am so glad that I chose to hire her for this big undertaking. I love the end product, and I am so grateful for her commitment to getting us there and seeing it through. 
Leanne Ellington
Stressless Eating™ VIP Coaching Program and Self-Guided Course
(A Non-Diet, Non-Therapy Approach To Healing Your Relationship With Food & Your Body)

There are 6 essential ingredients to turn your program from transactional to transformational!

During your audit, I will assess all of these areas within your onboarding, community, coaching, and curriculum. You will receive a detailed report and a step-by-step actionable plan and a quote for my implementation service. ~You can choose to hire me to implement the action steps or you or your team can implement them.

  • Intentional milestones, objectives, tasks, and supporting materials.
  • Interactive and fun, exciting, and engaging content that keeps students interested.
  • Inclusive and safe environments that support all learning styles.
  • Intuitive systems that track engagement, progression, and action.
  • Infinite impact with a premium framework and unmatchable client experience.
  • Inspirational future vision that stretches students to push through obstacles.

Hear What My Clients


The level of excellence, attention to detail, and speed Lesley provides is truly unmatched...

“ When I hired Lesley, I was so nervous because I honestly didn’t know anything about it. Lesley made it so I didn’t have to. She organized everything so my team and I knew just what to do in the most seamless way. All I had to do was open enrollment and watch the sales roll in…to the tune of $28K in my first month. It gives me such peace of mind as the CEO of a multiple 6-figure business to have Lesley in my corner.”

Lisa Easton
Millionaire Mamas Academy
( Create An Impenetrable Wealth Mindset and Foundational Investment Strategy)

Lesley was an absolute pleasure to work with. I came to Lesely overwhelmed and confused…

about how to best elevate my course and bring it from a live launch to an evergreen model. She not only helped me with the technical and logistical aspects of that transition, but she did an absolutely beautiful job of helping me to reorganize and redesign the course itself.  She really got to know the course, thought through how my students would use it, and assured me that it would be as easy and streamlined as possible for them.  She has helped keep me on track and has been patient with my questions.  I am so grateful to her and thrilled with the course I have now!
Dr. Marcy Caldwell
Meltdown to Mastery
(Develop Emotional Mastery With An ADHD Brain)

Hello, there!

I’m Lesley

Over the past 20 years, I have taught thousands of people in person and online. I’ve taken my in-person experience with environmental design and instructional design and applied it to courses and group coaching programs.

I’m proof that anyone can teach! But… not all people know how to teach nor do they understand how to help their students get results with various needs get results. Teaching is more than just the transfer of information, it’s about the entire learner’s experience.

I’ve spent the past 6 years as a Curriculum and Client Success Director in a multi-million dollar coaching company. I know what it takes for a course or group program to succeed and how to ensure all of your clients feel heard, seen, and valued and achieve the results they desire.

I’ll show you how to implement data-based systems, instructional design elements, and simple structure so that every single student gets the transformation YOU promised them! And with that comes more impact and income! Together, we’ll turn your course from Transactional to Transformational™!

Is Premium Program™ Audit For You?

This is not for you if you…

  • think there’s no room for improvement.
  • don’t value student feedback.
  • you prefer to maintain the status quo.
  • you’re unwilling to invest in analyzing and refining your course to unlock its full potential for revenue generation, student success, and testimonial acquisition.

This is perfect for you if you…

  • are eager to transform their course’s impact.
  • are dedicated to ensuring exceptional student success.
  • want to attract a larger audience and establish a stronger reputation
  • and are willing to invest in expert analysis to drive their course to new heights.
After Your Premium Program™ Audit

Your Program Will Have More



Imagine reaching a wider audience, touching the lives of countless students, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.



Harness the Power of Student Satisfaction to Skyrocket Your Revenue! Their satisfaction blossoms into glowing testimonials, word-of-mouth recommendations, and an insatiable desire to enroll in your future offerings.



Watch as your course becomes the talk of the town, fueling a tsunami of testimonials that will solidify your reputation and attract even more students.



Witness the ripple effect of exceptional student results as it cascades into a surge of new enrollments and a reputation that shines brightly in your industry.

full pay

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split pay

Flexible Split payment option billed today and One month from now

2x $1000

You May Be Wondering….

Yes! I am experienced in auditing both group coaching programs and courses. The same concepts apply to both.

That really just depends. During audits I typically do not need to watch every minute of every video to identify the trends, gaps, and opportunities for your curriculum. I will give you feedback and actionable steps to take to improve your written and video lessons.

You will receive a super short questionnaire to fill out giving me the information I need to gain access to your program so I can perform the audit. I will reach out to you and let you know the date your audit is scheduled to be completed by. The typical turnaround is 7 days from the day your form is completed.

My implementation package starts at $10,000 and goes up depending on the results of your audit.

You will have the option to purchase a Premium Program™ Implementation Package or you can also implement the changes yourself or have your team do the implementation. It’s up to you!

I am super excited that I can offer you a lower monthly payment option. When you go to the checkout select the “One Time Payment” option then Affirm or Klarna. It’s super simple to set up and add the card that you’d like your payments to be drafted from. There are also interest-free options. Easy Peasy!

Look I am not the one who’s going to sit here and convince your to hire me. I know how much value I can deliver to you however, I do realize you may not know me.

I am obsessed with learning however I’ve not always been a successful student. The truth is I am technically a college dropout. After the first semester of Freshman year, I knew I wasn’t cut out to learn in the ways the conventional educational system was set up. I dropped out and immediately sought help.

The doctor told me I was likely ADHD and I said “Cool, that makes sense!” But before I could get my official diagnosis I was married and moving to Europe.

After 20 years of struggle and misdiagnosis, I was officially diagnosed with ADHD combined type (Hyperactive and Inattentive). And believe it or not, it opened my world to a whole new level of understanding.

I know what it feels like to be left behind, ignored, and not understood. That’s why it’s my mission to create a learning experience to help all types of learners succeed.