Facebook Live is a great way to show your expertise and grow audience find out 10 awesome Facebook Live tips

When Facebook released the Facebook Live feature I was so excited. For about a year I had used Periscope and while Periscope was a great platform there were a few issues. One is most of my audience spends their time on Facebook and secondly, the number of spammers that could join your lives was more than obnoxious. Facebook Live in my opinion is the perfect platform to interact, educate, and engage your audience.

There are so many benefits of Facebook Live broadcasting. Facebook loves videos so if you regularly broadcast via Facebook Live your Facebook Page insights will increase. As those increase new people see your business page, they will follow you, become part of your audience plus you can also grow  your Facebook group if you have one

Pro Tip: invite viewers to your FB Group during your broadcasts

Broadcasting on your page also gives your viewers an opportunity to share you on their pages which again increases your reach. Besides growing your audience, Facebook Lives will help you engage and connect deeper with your audience. Creating a deeper connection helps turn one-time viewers into life-long customers.

Now that you know the benefits of Facebook Live Broadcasting let’s talk about what it takes to produce a successful Facebook Live. There is most definitely a formula to success and in order to get over your fear I highly suggest following these 10 Amazing Tips.

1) Look Professional-

I realize this very first tip can be subjective. When I say look professional what I mean is to make sure you appear that you didn’t just roll out of bed. (unless of course, your brand fits in with that style). Remember this is your business you need to come to work like you would anywhere else. (save the pajama days for when you aren’t on camera). Looking professional will differ between each brand, for instance, I go for a casual-professional look while Allison at Wonderlass has a fun spunky colorful look but it totally goes with her brand.

Besides looking professional as far as your appearance you also want to make sure that your lighting, video, and sound is professional. All of these things will make your Facebook Live more professional and will make a big impression on your viewers.

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I recommend the Blue Yeti Mic for excellent sound. I love the Logitech as a high-quality camera and this little light really makes a difference and gives just that extra bit of light on my face.

Pro Tip: You can use a program that allows you to add titles and graphics to your Facebook Lives. I use Ecamm live but there are many other options like Belive and OBX. Check out all my favorite tools and resources here. 

2) Act Professional-

Again, this is a little subjective for online businesses because some brands have unconventional “tones” or “messaging” that would be considered unprofessional in some settings but online they work. However, I recommend being professional during live videos which means, being respectful to viewers, treating them with kindness, being helpful, providing value, and not going into deep personal matters that aren’t aligned with your overall mission.

3) Speak Slower than Usual-

I have a tendency to speak really fast. I have to remind myself that not everyone can keep up with rapid-fire language coming at them. Especially my ESL (English as a Second Language) audience. I have many students in my courses that speak multiple languages and English is not their primary language. Keep in mind you may have many viewers who need you to speak slower for better comprehension.

4) Look into the Camera-

It’s really tempting to stare at yourself on screen or to stare at the comments during your Facebook Live. I realized after doing a few Facebook Lives that I looked completely unengaged when I didn’t look at the camera. Avoid the temptation to stare anywhere but at the camera. It’s ok to glance at notes or at the comments but the rest of the time your eyes need to be firmly planted at the camera lens. This may mean raising your chair to the level of the camera (you don’t want a stiff neck from staring up, trust me on that one).

5) Have a Plan-

In order to really capture an audience and keep them interested, you need a plan. Plan out an outline for your Facebook Lives so that you don’t ramble and you are able to provide consistent value. It’s ok if you go off the plan a little bit but for the most part, you want to follow your plan. Part of your plan needs to include a call to action. Ask your viewers to join your private Facebook group, or download your awesome email freebie. Use this time to grow your business beyond your page. Creating a call to action will move them from followers to group members, email subscribers, and future customers.

6) Don’t Broadcast for Too Long-

I try to keep all of my Facebook Live broadcasts to thirty minutes or less. Anything longer than thirty minutes usually loses your viewers attention. Be respectful of your viewers time and only broadcast for the amount of time necessary to cover the content.

7) Field the Comments-

This can be one of the most challenging parts of the entire broadcast because you are supposed to look at the camera. I encourage you to glance down every once in a while and scan the comments for questions or comments you can respond to. Remember Facebook Live is not just about you talking to your audience but it’s built for interaction. Don’t forget to interact. If you miss questions come back later and comment on them.

8) Engage with Viewers-

Your viewers want to participate during your Facebook Live. Encourage participation by asking questions and reading the answers. Use your viewers’ names when you ask the question or respond to them. Make it personal and engaging. Don’t just talk at them!

9) Don’t Stress if You have Zero Live Viewers-

If you are just starting out on Facebook Live you may do a few and have ZERO live viewers. That’s ok! Don’t stress about it! Still, give your best broadcast no matter how many are attending live. Also, ask questions as you would if you had live viewers. People will watch the replay and will also engage with your questions which increase the engagement on your Facebook Live and on your Facebook page. Win ~ Win!

10) Promote Before and After Your Live Broadcast-

In order to help gain live viewers I highly recommend promoting your Facebook Lives prior to broadcasting. You can even create an event on your page and have people ask to be notified when you are going live. You can also use software like Eccam Live to schedule your lives and viewers can ask to have reminders sent to them via a notification. Lastly, there are messenger bots you can use to send notifications to your Facebook Page Followers. You can also send out an email to your list or promote on other social media networks. Remember you don’t want to just promote the broadcast prior to going live but you want to share it after the broadcast as well.

Get Started on Facebook Live

Now it’s your turn to start broadcasting on Facebook Live! Remember the point is to provide a lot of value so that you can showcase your expertise, engage with your viewers and grow your audience. Don’t let fear stop you it gets easier each time you broadcast.

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