Facebook, the necessary evil. We love it, we hate it. WE USE IT! In fact 2 billion of us use it. No matter how you feel about Facebook when it comes to marketing your online business there is no doubt that Facebook can help!

A Facebook Group Will Help Establish Authority

If I’m being completely honest, I owe a lot of my business success to Facebook, more specifically Facebook groups, but not my own, at first. Let me explain. Before I opened my own Facebook group, The Launch Room,  I spent a lot of time in other people’s Facebook groups as a participant. But listen carefully, I did not self-promote, I did not spam, I simply helped people.

After a while, people started to take notice and see me as an expert in tech and marketing. Other online business owners started to contact me outside of Facebook groups to help them and yes, they paid me. I also was hired by two companies as an employee and both companies found me through Facebook.

A Facebook Group Will Position You as A Leader

While you can establish your expertise in other’s Facebook groups you can also do the same in a group of your own. By facilitating conversations between community members and creating content that helps your members go through transformations, you can become the leader of your own community. Facebook makes it so easy way to find people that need you as a leader and once positioned as the leader in your group you will be able to show your expertise and then you can start selling your paid programs or services.

A Facebook Group Will Build Community

Facebook groups are different than Facebook pages because they create a true community atmosphere. When the host posts in the group all group members get a notification, the same does not happen on a Facebook page. Facebook groups are far easier to get great engagement and interaction because at this time they really aren’t affected by the algorithm.

At this time Facebook also helps grow your community. If your group is active and engaged it will suggest it to other people on Facebook!  Yes, you heard it right Facebook will help you group your group free of charge!

A Facebook Group Will Help You Grow Your Email List

I talk all the time about growing an engaged email list and hosting a Facebook group is a great way to grow your list. Personally, I realize any social media can change at any moment, even Facebook Groups because of this my main goal on every social media is to lead people to sign up to my email list. Therefore if ever some algorithm changes at least I know I’ve captured my group members emails and I can contact them.

Should You Start a Facebook Group?

Hosting a Facebook Group is a lot of work. I’m not going to lie. Here’s a list of things you need to be able to commit to before starting a group.

  • You need to be able to schedule prompts regularly. Which means you may need to have many graphics in your arsenal. Prompts may seem cheesy they are to keep the group engaged, remind people you are the leader and get them to sign up for your freebie.
  • You need to be able to monitor your group. Some groups may need much more supervision. My friend has a parenting group and she has to stay on top of things often to make sure nothing gets out of control.
  • You need to commit to make rules that create a healthy community and protect the members from being spammed or sold to. Which means you will have to play the role of enforcer sometimes.
  • I also think going live is extremely important to growing your group and establishing your expertise. I know going live on Facebook can be scary but hopefully my Facebook Live Checklist printable can help you overcome that.

If you are ready to commit to being a host or hostesses of a Facebook group I highly encourage using groups as part of your business and marketing strategy. Remember everything you commit to needs to be purposeful. If you can’t lead your group with a purpose don’t start one. If you can, go ahead and get started with your group today, you won’t regret it!

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  1. This is a super helpful post, Lesley. I totally started following you because you helped me on Building a Framework’s group page! Thanks for all you do!

    1. You are so welcome Julie! That’s so funny you found me that way. I don’t help too often in groups anymore but will when I have spare time especially in friend’s groups like Abby’s. So glad you found me!

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