Read It… Believe It…

From start to finish, Lesley demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and expertise in enhancing my coaching program curriculum and overall learning experience. The upgrades she made ensured our coaching program was inclusive to all adult learning styles and streamlined the overall client experience. Her commitment to timeliness and punctuality was truly commendable. Deadlines were consistently met, and she never failed to keep me informed about the progress of the project. Her organizational skills and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the deliverables was meticulously crafted and flawlessly executed.

I cannot say enough about my experiences with Lesley! She helped me take my already-amazing program… and make it absolutely extraordinary.

👉She helped me streamline things in places where it might be confusing.
👉She helped me set up a user experience where the current version might have actually taken away from the experience.
👉She helped me fill in the gaps that I didn’t even know were there.

She has a gift for seeing what you might be missing as a course creator, and absolutely leveling up in every sense of the concept.

Not only that, but she was so kind and patient and insightful. I would absolutely recommend working with her, I am so glad that I chose to hire her for this big undertaking. I love the end product, and I am so grateful for her commitment to getting us there and seeing it through. 

“The level of excellence, attention to detail, and speed Lesley provides is truly unmatched. When I hired Lesley, I was so nervous because I honestly didn’t know anything about it. Lesley made it so I didn’t have to. She organized the entire project in the most seamless way. All I had to do was open enrollment and watch the sales roll in…to the tune of $28K in my first month. It gives me such peace of mind as the CEO of a multiple 6-figure business to have Lesley in my corner.”

I came to Lesley feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to best elevate my course and bring it from a live launch to an evergreen model.  She not only helped me with the technical and logistical aspects of that transition, but she did an absolutely beautiful job of helping me to reorganize and redesign the course itself.  She really got to know the course, thought through how my students would use it, and assured me that it would be as easy and streamlined as possible for them.  Lesley has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has helped keep me on track and has been patient with my questions throughout our multi-stage work together.  I am so grateful to her and thrilled with the course I have now!

Creating my first virtual learning summit wouldn’t have been possible without Lesley, and I’m very grateful!

Let me just shape the thing: we’re talking about one of the first virtual summits ever held in Italian. Most people didn’t know the concept AT ALL. Most of my speakers only have a Facebook page and don’t know what an email list is, let alone build one. AND my topic (positive parenting) is also not so widely spread, so we’re talking about the niche of the niche.

Nonetheless, it brought almost 1000 people in (I started with a list of 1300), a gross income of 2800€, and, the accomplishment I’m most proud of, a conversion rate of 7.8%!!!