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 You've taken all the courses, you've read all the books but the needle just isn't moving in your biz... Am I right? 

You've got that ambition baby, You've got that look in your eyes...  But that look is turning into fear that nothing will ever be good enough or that you will never know enough to launch, so you just keep consuming information. 

Here's the truth.. you don't need more information! You've got what it takes to launch your stuff. What you need is a community and a mentor to help you implement what you already know in order to make some real PROGRESS!

 You Are At the Point Where You Need someone
To Just Tell You What to Do Next 

I've spent over ten thousand dollars on courses, ebooks, and consulting for my business over the past year. I believed I had to invest more to make more. Don't get me wrong I believe you do need to invest in your business to grow but you also have to implement the things you learn.

And that's where I got STUCK!

Learning is easy! 



I needed someone... anyone... to just tell me what to do next. But coaches cost thousands of dollars and masterminds... try tens of thousands of dollars.

That's when I found a community of peers that could help me focus, could give me feedback and hold me accountable. I found myself immersed in a community of entrepreneurs who could help push me towards my goals, teach me new bite sized tips and encourage me to get over my perfectionism and just LAUNCH!!!

That's when I finally realized that this is exactly the type of mastermind I've

been dreaming of creating for the past two years! 


finally a mastermind community with an experienced leader

who is invested in you and your success.

Need feedback on your ideas? You got it!

Need to brainstorm? No Problem!

Need  tutorials or Resources? We've got you Covered!

No Strings attached! No Extra Charge!


everything... ok not everything... but almost everything... let's face it.. it's that good!

Monthly Pop Mail

Once a month your inbox is going to be delighted by a piece of mail so packed full of goodness it will make the other emails jealous. This email will include member features, any new additions to the membership and important dates. Plus so much more. 

Monthly Trainings

Every month a new video training will magically appear in your membership portal with a printable playbook. Each training is 15 minutes or less and is sprinkled with fairy dust to ensure that it's the most valuable information you need to be focused on. No fluff, just fairy dust! 

Resources & References

Since you're a recovering courseaholic I'm not going to recommend any more course for you at the moment however I have tons of amazing tools and programs that I use to make my business and my clients and students businesses run on autopilot. You'll have access to all of my resources and references plus special offers. 

Monthly Progress Calls

We'll be watching you. Did that sound creepy? Seriously, it's a lot harder to fail when you know others are checking in on your progress. During these calls you can also ask Lesley or the group for personalized feedback or advise.

POP Community

Imagine a group of people just like you who actually understand all the ups and downs of entrepreneurism. Our community is a place where you can discuss email marketing, social media, SEO and blogging with  no judgement and with people that actually "get" you!

POP Partner Portal

You finally have a product that you want to promote but when you share it in free groups no one seems to help promote it, right? The POP Partner Portal is specifically designed for our Preneurs to support one another easily anytime!


 You started your own business because you have this burning desire to share your talent with the world. But there's so much to do, so much to learn, so many distractions. 

Being your own boss is the best... except when it's not! Because let's face it when you are the boss you are responsible for making sure everything gets done. 

And when everything has to get done... NOTHING tends to get done.  And therefore your business stays stagnant.

But what if there was a place where people just like you could help and support your business to help it propel forward? 


What If... you had access to a knowledgeable teacher that  could guide you in the direction in minutes not months?

What If... you had a group of peers that were invested and interested in you and your success that helped promote your products and services?

What If... instead of feeling overwhelmed and deflated you felt focused and on fire knowing exactly what to do next in order to make the most progress in your business, right now?

"This is What They Said About POP Preneurs?"

and I didn't even have to bribe them!

Lindsey Hazel: Hazel's Haven

Nicole Haschke: Knitting for Charity

Jayne Westerholt: Chalking Up Success


a community of entrepreneurs who put progress over perfection in order to bring their bright ideas to the world.  


Waiting for you in the membership portal are 3 Playbooks & Corresponding 15 minute Video 

*90 Day Launch Plan Playbook

* Email Freebie Playbook

* Your Unique Selling Proposition Playbook

*Easy Digital Product Playbook

*Sales Page Playbook

Upcoming Monthly Playbooks include:

*Digital Mockups Playbook

*Email Funnel Playbook

Hey, It's Lesley! 

I've been running my own online business for over 7 years . I started blogging as a hobby and quickly discovered it could be a business. 

Within the first year of blogging I developed and launched my first physical product which was a big success and was even featured on The Today Show. I then transitioned into web design and other client work and then went into launching 6 figures in digital products, which are my absolute favorite. 

Long story short, I know a thing or two about creating and launching products and services. And I totally GEEK OUT about analytics, conversion rates, and all things tech.

My students will tell you I have a way of breaking down the hard stuff and explaining it in a way any one can understand!

 I get people to go from having ideas in their head to putting them out into the world

 I created POP Preneurs so your ideas can become reality! 


"Lesley, pours her heart and soul into EVERYTHING she does. She should be charging for things she is giving away. She faithfully and personally answers every text, email, FB message a student sends her. She believes in you, and you make sure that your students know you believe in them. In turn, it makes your students believe in themselves when otherwise, they may not necessarily be so brave as to believe they can accomplish their dreams." Melanie Byrd ~ She Farms Bama

"Lesley's courses are ALWAYS valuable. She gives people what they need and teaching the technology to make it happen without frustration is what sets her apart from the rest always!  Ade Aprilla ~ Author, Life Coach, Sedona Method Faciliataor


"I absolutely love the way Lesley teaches. She has an excellent way of giving you both the big picture overview (why) and all of the details (how) and including how to put them to work in your business. That’s just one example of how Lesley always goes above and beyond." Janet Clark~ Life Unbalanced

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

When will my monthly payment be deducted?

Can I cancel and will there be any penalties?

When will the membership open again for new members?

What if I can't join the live meeting or live trainings?

What if I sign up and I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

Do I need a Facebook group to be a member?


The solution to Preneur Paralysis. 

Private members-only group

Exclusive 15 Minute Monthly Trainings 

30 Minute  Interviews from Leading Experts

Monthly Progress Coaching Group Calls

It's time to put Progress Over Perfection


No more feeling like you have no support!

Because we are your support system.

We are here to help you move forward in your business once and for all!

Are ready make more progress this  month than you ever thought possible?

Join POP PRENEURS today!


An Awesome Monthly Business Membership

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Monthly Inbox Magic

Exclusive Workshops, Playbooks, Challenges 

Interviews with Guest Experts

Resources and References plus Special Offers

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