Ready to make some Major Progress in Your Business?
  let's Do That By Planning, Tracking & Analyzing
your Goals, Income, Stats & Data
Sound good?

Not knowing if the time we invest is worth our efforts can be catastrophic.

The tools in the POP Planner will help you make the progress you desire in your business by helping you set goals and track all your efforts so you know where to spend your time and when it's time to pivot.

Growing an online business is a lot of work. It' absolutely essential to plan and track every action we take in our business to see if the ROI  is worth it. 

This Planner Is Made for online business owners
who create Content to Grow their businesses 

I've spent 8 years creating content online for 3 of my own modest sized businesses and multiple other million dollar businesses. No matter the size of your business one thing remains the same,  all businesses need a content plan. The monthly content plan in the POP Planner gives you space to plan and keep track of where you have shared your content.

It's a FAVORITE feature from years past that's here to stay!

It's the only personal and business planner I will EVER use!

"As a professional blogger and online entrepreneur, Lesley's planner helps me plan out my day accordingly. I use it to map out everything from email newsletters to blog posts to due dates for invoices. I also use it to plan out my daily professional schedules and personal schedules. I have been using her planner for 2 years now and it has saved my sanity and my life. It is the only personal and online business planner I will ever use!" Olivia ~ Cooking with Libby


besides the monthly planner, the monthly content planner and a weekly spread listed below are other printables included 

    *please note this is just a sample, all planners and sheets are listed below

Goals & Accountability

  • Monthly Top 5 Goal Setting Sheet
  • Monthly Goal Sub-Task Sheet
  • Daily To-Do Dockets
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Monthly Finance
  • Income Idea Planner

Business Trackers

  • Giveaway Tracker
  • Affiliate Tracker
  • Contacts
  • Passwords
  • Collaboration
  • Sponsor Tracker
  • Time Tracker 
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Link Party Tracker
  • Content Audit Tracker
  • Wishlist 

Content Planners 

  • Blog Post Planner
  • Facebook Live Planner
  • YouTube Planner
  • Podcast Planner
  • Newsletter Planner


Stat Trackers 

  • Site Analytics Tracker
  • YouTube Channel Tracker
  • Social Media Stat Tracker 

Home Printables

  • Grocery Lists
  • Home Password Tracker
  • Weekly Menu

Blog and Branding 

  • Blog Design Checklist
  • Website Design Checklist
  • Brand Guide Worksheet
  • Conference Notes
  • Brain Dump Sheets



When I started my blog nearly 8 years ago I had no clue what I was doing. I literally would come up with ideas and blog about them when I felt the urge. 

Needless to say when it came to turning my blog into a business and diversifying my income by taking on clients and creating multiple products I had no idea how to set goals.

I needed a place to keep track of all my content, projects, income ideas and that's when I went searching for the perfect planner. Needless to say I found a lot of great planners but none that fit all my needs.

4 years ago I designed my own and have been selling and using it every year since


What If... you could start each day knowing exactly what you are going to accomplish and actually get it done. 

What If... you had the tools to measure the efforts you are taking in your business so that you can know where to cut out activities  and what to invest more time in. 

What If... you could had clarity about where your business will be in the next 60 days, 90 days, and beyond. Because when you are tracking and analyzing it there's no guesswork involved. 

Hey, It's Lesley! 

A formerly tech-challenged, solution-driven, creative entrepreneur, dedicated to helping you put progress over perfection  so you can grow and scale your online business. 

I've been running my own online business for over 8 years. I started blogging as a hobby and quickly discovered it could be a profitable business.

Within the first year of blogging, I developed and launched my first physical product which was a big success and was even featured on The Today Show. I then transitioned into web design and marketing work for clients and then went into launching 6 figures in digital products, which is my absolute favorite.

Long story short, I know a thing or two about creating and launching products and services. And I totally GEEK OUT about analytics, conversion rates, and all things tech.

My students will tell you I have a way of breaking down the hard stuff and explaining it in a way anyone can understand!

 I get people to go from having ideas in their head to putting them out into the world.

12 motivational quotes are included in the planner which you can also print and frame to decorate your office

Nicole Buys Our Planner Every Year, Here's Why...

"The editorial calendar is *by far* my favorite part of the planner! This has helped me tremendously get into good habits of figuring out my blogging schedule in advance. I also like the goals as well as the monthly evaluation. The former helps me to be intentional; the latter helps me reflect on what I've done. I also love the financial sheet! This is the first year I've actually been tracking my income and expenses. It's helped me to both feel and act like I'm running a real business!" Nicole ~ Knitting for Charity

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

What size is the planner?

Will I recieve anything in the mail?

Can I print the pages more than once?

What is the return policy?

Is this Dated or Undated?

POP Planner & Printables

The Only Planner You Need For Your Online Biz

Monthly Dated Calendar

Monthly Dated Content Calendar

Weekly Dated Sprint With Section for Calls, Emails and Errands 

Top 5 Monthly Goal Setting Sheet

Monthly Goal Breakdown Sheet

Monthly Evaluation

Income & Expense Tracker

30+ Printable Worksheets and Trackers to Make Progress the Focus in Your Business

The POP Planner is just $34.99

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