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How Email Marketing Gives You a Better Return Than Any Other Tool

It's true and I'm not just talking about a 10x profit return, I'm talking 10x higher engagement, customer life-time value and so much more! Did you know that for every $1 spent you can expect a $38 return? It's true! I'll teach you exactly what you can expect to gain and once you deploy a strategic email marketing strategy. 


When to Send Emails Without Adding More Work 

Growing a list is one thing but if you want to profit from your list in any way, shape, or form, you need to engage with your subscribers consistently.  I'll teach you how to do this without adding more work to your busy schedule. 


What to Say in Your Emails To Turn Your Subscribers into Customers

Email is awesome because it can be so intimate (did I make you blush?) But the one thing I hear more than anything is "I don't know what to send my email list!" I'll teach you the words that you can use in your emails that will increase conversion rates when you are ready to ask them to buy! And don't worry you won't sound sleazy. Pinky promise!


The 3 Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them 

If I had a dollar for every entrepreneur that said,  "I wish I would have started my email marketing strategy from day one!"  or "I have a list but I don't know what to do with it!"  I'd be MEGA RICH!! Email marketing is the most predictable and passive way to sell to a highly engaged audience. But you can't make these mistakes that others are making. We'll tackle the 3 biggest mistakes and face them head on.  

What Others Say


I am OVERWHELMED. And it is all because I have been watching you, and how you make your business so personal, it just naturally attracts customers. Lesley, I sold $450 worth of beef today out of two Coleman coolers, and they are BEGGING me for more. I sent out my newsletter about my beef and in 24 hours, I got a TON of orders. AND the business where I went asked me to COME BACK the next day!

Melanie  Byrd

Cattle Farmer


Over the last 10 years in business, I’ve launched countless themes and I thought I knew what I was doing until Lesley. My strong suit is in design and development, and not email marketing , so while I was doing well with our launches, I wasn’t sure what I was missing. From the moment she joined our team, we began quadrupling our launch sales. 

Lauren Gaige 
Wordpress Theme Developer


Everything Lesley is teaching us is GOLD! I mentioned a few things I learned from taking Lesley about email marketing to this client and her response was, "Oh my goodness....that is such wonderful advice! I never thought of things that way!!" So Lesley definitely knows her stuff! Love her to death!

Olivia Smith
Food Blogger

A Note From 
Lesley Clavijo

How many times have you heard, "The money is in the list?" UGH! The truth is that saying is true. But the thing "they" leave out is that you can make money with any sized list. And "they" also leave out all the other things a list can do beyond generating a profit. I've worked with clients and students with lists of all sizes one thing remains the same an email list is your most valuable business asset. And I can teach you how to use it to grow your business in ways you've never imagined. 

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