Facebook Lives can be intimidating much less organizing and hosting a Facebook Live Challenge. I completely understand that anything new is a bit scary. However, I want you to keep in mind how well Fb Lives work to help you create a deeper connection with your audience. People love live video and they want more of it! Give them what they want and you will reap the benefits.

Benefits of a Facebook Live Challenge

  1. Let’s your audience see your personality.
  2. Makes you more memorable and relatable.
  3. Allows your audience to interact in real time with you.
  4. Creates a deeper bond between you and your audience.
  5. Builds up excitement.
  6. Grows your launch list.

How to Start Using Facebook Lives to Prepare for your Challenge

Start by getting comfortable with FB lives by broadcasting once a week. Use this opportunity to promote a freebie and grow your email list.

Create a 3-5 day “challenge” that relates to your product that you want to sell at the close of the challenge. Invite people to join the challenge during your weekly FB Lives and through multiple email invitations.

What to do During a Facebook Live Challenge

The FB Lives during your challenge need to provide value.  It’s also great if you can help your audience accomplish a win during the challenge. Challenges work best when that win is the step they need to accomplish before buying your product.

Example: In order for my students to succeed in my course “Launch With Purpose,” they need a business idea. Therefore I created a business plan challenge that leads to my course.

What challengers will get in return: 

  • they get a win by completing a business plan
  • they have the tools they need to move on to the steps in my course
  • the challenge is a natural “lead” into the course
  • the challenge provides a ton of value

During your challenge, you will teach a lesson each day. You will also need to:

  • Provide a workbook or worksheet.
  • Send daily reminders via email or chatbot.
  • Send recaps at the end of the day.
  • Reply to any comments on the FB live video.

The Sales Pitch

On the last day of the challenge, your audience should be wanting to know what their next steps are. This is when you pitch your solution. Your product will help them go on to accomplish the next steps after the challenge.

The Follow-Up

After your last Facebook live of your challenge you will send emails every day until your cart closes or until your price goes up
(whatever it is that will change) and on the last day of the sale, you will send 2-3 email reminders.

Close Your Cart

Now it’s time to either close your cart or raise the price of your product. Feel free to also follow-up with those who didn’t buy.  You can send an email and ask them what stopped them from buying to get feedback.

What’s Next

Focus on your customers and provide them with the best customer experience possible.  After your email list grows over the next few months you can run your challenge again or create a new one.  Make sure you keep notes about what worked well and didn’t work well during the challenge. Make adjustments for the next challenge.

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