You’ve worked really hard building your audience and validating your product idea. You’re nervous about launching it to everyone because you are just so afraid that no one will buy. But I have some secret tips for you. I know how to help you make your launches irresistible? And it’s actually a lot easier than you would ever expect.

Clarify Your Offer

Your offer is irresistible! You know it but now it’s time to make sure everyone else knows it. You MUST clarify your offer. Which means you need to make sure your sales page and emails do not OVERWHELM or CONFUSE your potential customers.  I can guarantee that those two things right there will be the reason why your offer is totally resistible which will lead to little or no sells.

Leave your fancy guru or expert talk at the door. Speak and write to your potential customers like they have never heard of your subject matter before. DO NOT overwhelm them with features and technical lingo. Instead, describe the transformation they will receive after buying your product. People often don’t care about the features, they want to know how it will HELP them.

Irresistible Bonuses

Create some amazing bonuses that are available for a limited time. Bonuses encourage your audience to take action. Everyone wants to get more for their money. Have you ever been to ULTA? You spend money and you get freebies. It’s awesome.

These bonuses can be interviews that you get others to do, they can be an added ebook, an extra course, or a phone call with you! All work really well. You can also give more than one away at a time. Just remember in order to get these bonuses they need to buy before your deadline.

Close Your Cart after Launches

If you are selling digital courses I highly suggest closing your cart. This means having only a few launches that are opened to your list each year. This technique really urges your audience to take action and if they don’t they have to wait until the cart opens again.

Increase Your Price

If you can’t close your cart you can increase your price. When you launch you can offer the product for a discount and let them know after launch week the price will go up. You can offer sales throughout the year as well after the price increase.

Underpromise and Overdeliver

This may sound a little confusing because it happens after you launch. BUT it will help your future launches be more irresistible. Let me explain. I want you to deliver everything your promise and then I want you to knock it out of the park by overdelivering. How do you overdeliver?

Give the best customer connection experience possible. Be active and attentive to your students. Don’t ignore their questions, answer them promptly. Give them more value than promised. You can even throw in extra bonuses or time with you! Do whatever you can do to ensure your customer’s loyalty.

One Last Tip

If you are closing your cart or increasing the price after launch week I highly encourage you to use timers. Seeing a visual timer tick down is very effective to get people to buy. Think about QVC and how they use the timer to expire their offer. You can use the free timer called MailMotionApp in your emails or Deadline Funnels which is a paid tool for your sales page.

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