Blogging is one of the best tools you can possibly use to market your business, gain exposure and increase sales. If you are not blogging for your business you need to start now. Let me be clear, I’m not asking you to become a professional blogger. Blogging as a business is a little different. Blogging for your business has many benefits and I’m going to break all of those down for you now. By the end of this post, you will understand why every business needs a blog.

10 Reasons Every Business Needs A Blog

  1. Drives Traffic to Your Site 

    One of the most important benefits of having a blog for your website is to drive traffic to your site. Quality content related to your business will help bring people to your site and then hopefully convert to leads or even better, convert to sales. But how do people find your content? There are several ways. Keep reading to find out.

  2. Increases SEO

    Blog posts are great for SEO. Search engines love to see websites being updated frequently with timely and relevant content. This means that every time you publish quality content Google and other search engines are seeing your site as active. It also helps bring your website to the front pages of Google. Which means if someone searches a keyword related to your business and your site is pulled up on the first page of the search engine, chances are you will receive more direct and organic traffic. That’s a huge win!

  3. Gives You Content to Share on Social Media 

    Chances are a large portion of your ideal customer is reading, viewing, and interacting with content on social media. However, it can be really challenging to find related content to share that drives sales or brings people to your site. When you blog you create content that is personal to your own brand that can be shared on social media. Having your own content to share brings people from social media to your website. And even better when others share your content on social media, even more, people come to your website! Mega Win!

  4. Let’s Your Brand’s Personality Shine 

    The most successful companies are those that connect with their customers. How do they do this? By showing their brand’s personality, values, and core beliefs. One of the best ways to do this is through blog posts. Emily Ley is a great example of a company that creates blog content that allows her brand’s personality to shine. By reading her blog posts you can tell that they truly believe in helping women live a more simplified life. Every post gives easy tips for simple living and/or encouraging stories about women. By reading her blog I know exactly what her company believes in.

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  5. Establishes Your Expertise

    How do you show your customers that you know your industry? Do you pick up the phone and call every person individually and tell them all about why your business knows it’s stuff? Do you run articles in the newspaper every week in order to show your companies knowledge? Chances are you don’t do either, nor would I suggest that. Instead, you can write blog posts that inform and educate your target market. First, it’s free and second, it’s less time consuming than trying to connect individually. Show your expertise by writing amazing content that shows you are a leader and an expert in your industry. Then share it with the world. (so much better than the local paper).

  6. Can Help Educate People On Your Business, Products, or Services 

    Blogging doesn’t only help you become an expert, or show your brand’s personality, it also helps you teach people about the importance and value of your business, products or services. Don’t just wait for others to write about your company, take the reins and do it yourself. Tell people why they need to choose your business, products, or services.

  7. Gives You Insight

    I know you are probably wondering how exactly blogging gives you insight on your customers but it does. In fact, it gives you tons of insight in multiple ways. First, by installing Google Analytics on your site you will be able to gain a wealth of knowledge. For instance, you can find out the demographics of your website visitor. You can also see what content or blog posts are resonating best with your audience. Also, when readers leave comments, share your posts and send you emails about your content you can take that information and use it as feedback.

  8. Convert Traffic into Leads 

    Let’s talk about my all time favorite type of marketing.. it used to be social media until I found out how much power email marketing can be. Offering free coupons, free eBooks or other free related material in exchange for a reader’s email address is a great way to start turning your blog traffic into leads. Those leads can be warmed up to your business through email communication and newsletters which will then prime them to become a raving customer!

  9. Provides Good Content For Newsletters 

    Once you gain traffic through a blog post you don’t want them to leave and never think of your business again. That’s why you will collect email addresses like we discussed above. But once you get them on your email list you can’t just forget about them. You should keep connected with them on a consistent basis. Weekly newsletters are great and you can use your blog content as part of the subject matter in your newsletter. Repurposing blog content for newsletters is a great way to save time yet still be productive.

  10. Helps You Get More Clients or Customers

    I can’t tell you how many times I search to learn something new and end up reading something that is so influencing that I end up becoming a customer of that business. Great content helps sell your services and/or product and generates more revenue and happy clients/customers. Including products and services within your blog posts is completely acceptable. One word of caution, make sure you are not being spammy when blogging about your products. Naturally mentioning your products or services in related content is fine, just don’t overdo it.

Remember Every Business Needs A Blog Because

Blogging can be used as a powerful tool to create awareness, educate and entertain your target audience. Blogging also helps show you as a trusted expert and helps people connect with your brand on a deeper level. Once people connect with your content and then your brand your sales are sure to reap the rewards of your effort.

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