"The 5-Step System for Turning Email Subscribers to Paying Customers"

Hosted by Lesley Clavijo

Here's What You'll Learn Today:

+ The 3 big email marketing mistakes everyone makes and why they're keeping you stuck.

+ What is working with EMAIL NOW (and why most of what you're being taught about EMAIL MARKETING is outdated and wrong).

+  How to sale without feeling slimy  and discover how confidence is the key and how to gain this. 

+ My 5-part system for turning your subscribers (no matter if you have 5 or 50,000) into loyal, paying customers and raving fans - without spending money on ads, creating tons of freebies, or spending hours trying to figure out what to write before you hit send.

"Everything Lesley is teaching us is GOLD!" 

Olivia Smith
"​I thought I knew what I was doing until I found Lesley.

Lauren Gaige

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