A workcation can help you get a fresh perspective and accomplish a really big goal.

Working from home has so many luxuries, like the commute. I love teasing my family, “Bye guys, I’m off to work!” as I skip down the hallway to my cozy office!

But it also comes with some disadvantages like distractions… lots of distractions. That’s why I find it essential to take a workcation away from home every once in a while.

Think about it, when you were working away from home you didn’t have to stop what you were doing to walk the dog, or start a load of laundry, or answer the door for UPS. When you’re at work you’re at work and for the most part, you are given 5 hours of uninterrupted work time. In fact, that’s what you’re paid for to get the job done in a concentrated amount of time.

But at home, we are pulled in a million directions and we often sabotage our own success. Now not to mention working from home often means we are in the same environment every day interacting with virtually no human face to face. The seclusion alone can drain the creativity out of a highly creative person. Trust me, I know! Taking a workcation will help you with challenges you face while working at home like…

Workcations Can Help You

  1. Escape from your day to day responsibilities.
  2. Get new inspiration and a clear mind for creativity.
  3. Have a distraction-free/uninterrupted focused work time.
  4. Accomplish a big goal that will get momentum started in your business.
  5. Take a break before you launch so you’re recharged.

How to take a Workcation

I’ve taken a total of 3 workcations. I checked into a local hotel and used my husband’s hotel points (FREE) and wrote the bulk of my ebook.

The second one I took with my entire family with the understanding that I would be working as well.

And the last one… I ‘ll be honest didn’t really have any “cation” involved other than I had no responsibilities. My family actually left me at home for about 3 solid days while they went to visit Grandma. Don’t worry about traveling to an exotic location or spending a ton of money, get creative and take a workcation, your business will thank you.

1. Get Support

Make sure your family, spouse, bff, or parents are supportive of your workcation. Explain to them the need and what you will accomplish. If you can’t get them on board find an online buddy that gets it and plan a workcation together.

2. Plan One Big Goal

Try to think of one big goal that once complete it will help propel your business forward. It may be working on your content plan for the entire year, creating multiple freebie incentives or creating your first course or even building your website. Don’t forget to schedule in some time for breaks and enjoy a walk on the beach or a massage!

3. Plan it and Book It!

Don’t just dream about a workcation actually take one. The best way to make sure you follow through is to commit. Pick your dates, book your hotel room and arrange your transportation. Put it on your calendar and GO!

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  1. Such awesome advice. We have a travel trailer at our farm, and I am hoping to escape there this next weekend to work. I am constantly pulled between working, laundry, planning dinner, tidying up the house….working from home is a constant pull in another direction.

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