Build Your $1000  (or bigger) Launch Plan in Just 5 days

 Launch Training Event

Using the PROVEN framew​​​​ork that's generated 

$1000+ launches for my students & clients.

During This Week Long Implementation Event You Will... 

Learn The Framework to a Healthy Launch

Learn the framework I teach my students and clients that takes their launches to the next level.  Having a great idea is not what it takes to launch, in fact your idea may not even be what you should launch!  I'll help you with that.

Free Templates and
Tools from my Launchbox

Want to know how to calculate your goals and make sure you hit them? I've got you covered I will teach you what it takes to reach your goals so that you can conquer your fear of having a failed launch. Once you know your numbers it's easy!

Build Out Your Launch Plan in 5 days

Imagine how it would feel to finally have your launch planned out. Your lead magnet, your core offer and your strategy. It's time to stop imagining it and move into action! Let's get that first launch knocked out so you can have your second & third.

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this training now and I'll you'll get a free printable planner for your 1k launch. 

Meet, Lesley,  your event host!

Your job is to create products and services that you are passionate about that help improve the lives of others. My job is to teach you how to grow an audience of raving fans ready to buy the moment you launch. I've helped hundreds of overwhelmed students and clients launch their products using simple strategies that don't compromise your values. 

Lesley Clavijo Launch Strategist and Consultant

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