Expand your Impact + Income with a Premium Program that Keeps Students Coming Back for More!

Is your program designed so that your students get the transformation you promised and that they deserve?

Do they share raving testimonials that generate more sales for you?


Hey, You

My name is Lesley Clavijo [kla-ve-ho]. Ever since I was a little girl I loved playing “school” but I never liked being a real “student”!

I love learning but always struggled in school, which ironically led me to a passion for teaching, curriculum development, and designing environments that facilitate learning for everyone, even people like me.

I’m here to help you elevate your program so that your students get results so good that they can’t help but tell all their friends about their results!

Whether you are a coach or consultant that needs to polish your program or you’re ready to elevate your current program we can help you!

You May Be Wondering…

Simply put a premium program is centered around the student experience. This includes; how your students learn, and how they will interact, consume and apply the information in your course or group program.

A premium program is based on engagement, application, and action instead of the transfer of information.

Absolutely! No matter if you have a brand new course or you have one that is established our premium program systems, strategies, and framework can be applied to enhance your client’s experience and success.

Congrats on the first step of creating a course, that is a really big deal.

However, creating a course is just the first step. If you plan on selling your course over and over again I have NEWS for you… your course is NEVER done.

As students move through your program it’s your job to make sure that you have done everything you can to set them up for success.

That’s where the systems in a premium program come into play. You will know exactly where the learning gaps are and how to fix them.

You can! The most important aspect of a premium program is that your students will get results when they take action.

The more student success stories you have the more people will want to join!

When you have something that actually produces a transformation, costs no longer becomes an objection.

Success Stories

The Premium Program Pie

These are the 6 essential ingredients to turn your program from transactional to transformational!


milestones, objectives, tasks, and supporting materials.


safe environments that support all learning styles.


future vision that stretches students to push through obstacles.


fun, exciting, and engaging content that keeps students interested.


systems that track engagement, progression, and action.


impact with a premium framework and unmatchable client experience.

Wonder If Your Program Is At Premium Status?

You need a Premium Program™ audit to find out where your course
excels and where it fails. Find out exactly which ingredients are
missing to make your program…PREMIUM!

I Believe Everyone can make an InfiniteImpact!

What if I told you I almost flunked out of High School? After failing Algebra two years in a row, I was finally assigned a teacher that GOT ME and understood how I learned and how to teach me. Out of 3 Algebra experts, there was only one excellent teacher. Sorry… not sorry!

Truth be told… there are tons of experts out there selling courses but they aren’t necessarily skilled at teaching. Great teachers know that learning isn’t about the transfer and retention of facts. It’s about creating engaging experiences that motivate students to learn.

Teaching is a skill… but luckily it can be taught.

If you’re an expert you need a premium program that inspires your students to take action so that they can be your next success story.

Success Stories

The More you Know…






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